Federal Monitor Leader Services
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Monitoring school district compliance with Federal programs just got a lot easier.

State Education Agencies:

With the Federal Monitor web solution from Leader Services, your state education agency receives a customized monitoring solution that fits your state's specific needs. Leader does not try to make your state agency conform to a packaged solution; we make our solution fit your specific requrements. In addition, the state agency retains ownership of the solution that we create. We have created customized solutions for Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kansas.

Solutions for State Education Agencies
Let our 25 years of experience creating both special education and federal program solutions for state and district users, assist your state agency with a customized solution. Our web solutions for Kansas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania allow the state to control the questions in the documents and monitor all of the Title programs, as well as other education grants.

Federal Monitor allows for both a self-assessment and state recording of findings. It also allows for links to regulations, either state or federal, as well as allowing for uploading of douments, either by question or by monitoring type.

Our systems can generate corrective action plans based on findings and track the progress on those items with reports and automated reminders.

Contact us to get more information or to have us demonstate our systems to your team. Leader can come to your state, demo the systems that we have developed for different states, and discuss what we can do for your state's requirements. This demo is free of charge with no obligation.

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