Phishing just became obsolete

with secure email and advanced analytics.

Send email with confidence

PhishShield helps you send email without having to worry about maintaining email servers.

We manage all the technical details like scaling infrastructure, advanced analytics, and security features.

Collect Analytics

View location, browser, email client, timestamps, and activity data.

Phishing Defense

Protect users from phishing attacks by allowing them to verify your emails with a second factor.

Open Data Platform

Use SQL to query your historical email activity without any restrictions.

Security Alerts

Receive notifications when your users' email accounts may have been compromised.

Landing query

All the analytics, all the time

  • Locations your users view your email
  • What browsers they use
  • Which email client they are viewing from
  • The type of device
  • When they view your email
  • Activity events like clicks and opens

Use our dashboard or API to query your data with SQL. PhishShield gives you unlimited storage space, and we never limit the amount of historical data you can store or query.

Keep Ops and IT happy

Take charge of your email with deep insights into your mail infrastructure.

  • View your mail queue, system performance, and more
  • Receive notifications if your IP is blacklisted by spam filters
  • Provision new IP's to deliver email
  • Easily troubleshoot your pipeline with full visibility into our infrastructure
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Landing phishing

Empower your users with phishing defense

Most people know better than to give money to Nigerian princes, but spotting phishing emails with spoofed headers is a lot more difficult.

  1. Your organization verifies its identity to PhishShield, so PhishShield can verify your identity to your users
  2. We insert your user's security image (two factor) in any emails you tell us to
  3. Your users trust emails that include their security image and ignore the phishing emails that don't

Want to step inside the shoes of a phisher?

It's easy to send an email that looks like it's from someone else. Enter your email address and the email of whomever you want to it to be from. Due to potential abuse, emails sent using this form will be blacklisted by PhishShield and sent to your spam folder instead of your inbox.